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[Japan] City Volunteer for Tokyo 2020 東京奧運城市志工

Volunteer [國際志工] Location(地點) Enterprise Sponsorship or benifits (企業贊助或福利) Application Deadline (申請截止時間 ) Japan, Tokyo日本東京 Food、beverages & insurance, etc. (during the volunteer activity)賽會期間提供飲食、保險等補助 at 17:00, December 21, 20182018/12/21 17:00 How to Apply (如何申請) 1.Qualification :Applicants must fulfill the following three requirements(1)Born on or before April 1, 2002(2)Japanese national or person with permission to reside in Japan(3)Able to hold a simple conversation … Continue reading

[Israel] Israel International Volunteer 以色列國際志工

Volunteer (國際志工) Location (地點) Enterprise Sponsorship or benefits (企業贊助或福利) Application Deadline (申請截止時間) Israel. 以色列 Accommodation/Petty 食宿及零用金 N/A N/A Qualification & How to Apply (申請資格及如何申請) 1. Aged 18 and above. The potential candidate should be both physically and mentally in good condition for fulfilling the work requirements of taking care others. 2. Physical Examination: Please take … Continue reading

[India] Volunteer and Internship in DLIHE ([印度] 達賴喇嘛高等教育學院國際志工和實習機會)

International Volunteer&Internship (國際志工&實習機會) Location (地點) Enterprise Sponsorship or benefits (企業贊助或福利) Application Deadline (申請截止時間) Bangalore, India 印度 班加羅爾 Free meals and local accommodation 當地免費食宿 N/A Qualification & How to Apply (申請資格及如何申請) The Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education provides volunteer and internship opportunities for interested individuals as part of their personal and professional development. We welcome … Continue reading