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Scholarship [國際獎學金]

[Netherlands]The Hague University World Citizen Talent Scholarship 荷蘭海牙大學世界公民人才獎學金

Scholarship (國際獎學金)


Enterprise Sponsorship or 

Application Deadline 
(申請截止時間 )
The Hague, Netherlands
荷蘭 海牙
Scholarship(EUR 5,000)
31 March, 2020
Details (詳細資訊)
* Eligibilities
1.Come from outside The Netherlands and don’t live in the Netherlands.
2.Are enrolling for the first time at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
3.Have never applied for this scholarship before.
4.Have been conditionally accepted as a student (also-called offer of student position) on or before 31 March for the upcoming academic year.


For more details, please refer to the website here.
關於更多細節,還請參閱此網址 :

About the Scholarship (關於獎學金): Each year, a maximum of three (one-time) scholarships each worth EUR 5,000 are available to prospective master students. We are seeking intelligent, talented and ambitious people who view themselves as citizens of the world. 世界公民人才獎學金於每年將頒發給準碩士生獎學金,獲獎者最多可獲得三份(一次性支付),每份獎學金5,000歐元。此獎學金尋找具備聰明、才華、抱負,且將自我視為世界公民的獲獎者。

Source: https://pse.is/LX24C

為了更好地分享優質國際機會,幫助我們繼續前進,請幫我們填寫調查 : https://goo.gl/8e6TUc


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