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Internship [國際實習]

[Japan]OIST Research Internship Program 日本沖繩科技大學院大學2020研究實習計畫

Internship (國際實習)

Enterprise Sponsorship or benifits
Application Deadline 
(申請截止時間 )
Okinawa, Japan
allowance, travel expenses
October 15th , 2019
Details (詳細資訊)
Those eligible to apply for the OIST Research Internship Program include excellent students enrolled in undergraduate or Masters programs in universities, colleges, junior colleges, and vocational schools in Japan or overseas, or recent graduates of such institutions. Currently enrolled students must have approval from their home institution.

2. Required Application Materials
1) Curriculum Vitae Sheet
2) Personal Statement
3) Academic Transcript
4) Recommendation Letter
5) ID Photo



For more details, please refer to the website here.
關於更多細節,還請參閱此網址 :

About the Internship (關於實習計畫) : The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) Graduate School offers education and research opportunities through a system of undergraduate and graduate placements as Research Interns. These 2-6 month placements give the opportunity to gain experience in a particular laboratory or to learn a specific technique. Interns work under the direction of a Professor at OIST and contribute to the research activities of OIST. 沖繩科學技術大學院大學(簡稱:OIST)透過一套大學生與研究生成為研究實習生的安排制度,提供學生接受教育和研究的機會。這個時間自2至6個月的實習機會,使學生有機會在特定的實驗室積累經驗,或學習特定技術。實習生在OIST教授的指導進行工作,並為OIST的研究活動做出貢獻。

Source : https://pse.is/KVQ26

為了更好地分享優質國際機會,幫助我們繼續前進,請幫我們填寫調查 : https://goo.gl/8e6TUc


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