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Scholarship [國際獎學金]

[Turkey]Turkish Airlines (TA) Skylife 3 rd International Photography Contest 土耳其航空第3屆Skylife國際攝影大賽

Scholarship (國際獎學金)


Enterprise Sponsorship or 

Application Deadline 
(申請截止時間 )
Scholarship $12,000~$3,000 USD,Flight Ticket
獎金 12,000~3,000 美元,機票

August 25, 2019, 23:00(Turkish Time)
2019/08/25 23:00(土耳其時間)

Details (詳細資訊)
a. Participation to the contest is free of charge.
b. All participants must be of the age of 18.
c. All photographers, amateur or professional, may apply for the contest. Members of the Executive Committee, Contest Secretariat and the Jury members and TSFS representative, and their first-degree relatives may not participate.

a.Online submittal of the contest photographs will be performed digitally only via the following two web addresses:
Turkish: http://tfsfonayliyarismalar.org/
English: http://www.tfsfonayliyarismalar.org/en/
b. As the contest will be organized online, no other alternative submittal methods (e-mail, cargo, personal delivery, etc.) will be accepted.


土耳其文: http://tfsfonayliyarismalar.org/
英文: http://www.tfsfonayliyarismalar.org/en/

For more details, please refer to the website here.
關於更多細節,還請參閱此網址 :

About the Contest(關於競賽):The application for the 3rd International Skylife Photography Contest begins on January 15. Organized by renowned international federations of the art of photography such as the FIAP, GPU, and UIP, and the Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey (TFSF), the contest’s deadline for application is August 25, 2019. Held last year under the theme of “The City and the Child” and participated by 9,300 photographs evaluated by an international jury, the magnificent contest’s theme this year is “Discover.” 土耳其航空第三屆 Skylife 國際攝影大賽由世界知名國際攝影藝術聯盟(例如FIAP、GPU、UIP及TFSF)舉辦,報名時間自2019/01/15開始,至2019/08/15截止。去年大賽以“The City and the Child”為主題,共計9,300張作品參賽,今年則以“Discover”為主題。

Source : https://pse.is/J4ED6

為了更好地分享優質國際機會,幫助我們繼續前進,請幫我們填寫調查: https://goo.gl/8e6TUc


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