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Training [國際培訓]

[Tailand]Walailak University Cultural Camp 2019 瓦萊嵐大學文化營

Training (國際培訓 )


Enterprise Sponsorship or benifits

Application Deadline 
(申請截止時間 )
Free : accommodation、meals、
land transportation during the program、
activities during the program

March 31, 2019
Detail (申請細節)
1. Qualification :
An applicant must be a university student or graduate whose age is not over 30 years old on the camp final date, 1st July 2019 and able to communicate well in English.

2. Application :
Online Application — https://goo.gl/QJ4ZPe

1. 申請資格 :

2. 申請方式 :
線上申請 — https://goo.gl/QJ4ZPe

For more details, please refer to the website here.
關於更多細節,還請參閱此網址 :

About the Programme(關於計畫):
WUCC2019 aims to promote a global youth’s network and cross-cultural friendship among 200 participants. Throughout the 8-day program, the campers will have an opportunity to : 1. EXPLORE Nakhon Si Thammarat, the historical city in the southern Thailand, and Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. 2.EXCHANGE cultures. 3.ENGAGE in various activities and 4. ENJOY every moment together.
瓦萊嵐文化營的目的,是為了促進200位參加者之間的全球青年網絡以及跨文化友誼。透過8天的活動,隊員們將有機會 : 1.探索位於泰國南方,充滿歷史文化的城市洛坤府,以及泰國的首都曼谷。2. 進行文化交流。3. 參與各式各樣的活動。4. 和大家一起享受每一刻。

Source : https://goo.gl/Qt93KL

為了更好地分享優質國際機會,幫助我們繼續前進,請幫我們填寫調查 : https://goo.gl/8e6TUc


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