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Internship [國際實習]

[US]Getty’s Graduate Internships加州蓋蒂研究院實習生計畫

Internship (國際實習)




Enterprise Sponsorship or benefits


Application Deadline


Los Angeles or Malibu, US.


Grant amounts are $20,000 for eight months and $30,000 for twelve months, plus $1,000 towards relocation expenses


November 1 ,2017


Qualification & How to Apply (申請資格及如何申請)
•Students currently enrolled in a graduate program (Masters or Doctorate) in a field relevant to the internship(s) for which they are applying.
•Individuals who have completed a relevant graduate degree on or after January 1, 2015, with postgraduate activities in their field, paid or unpaid.
Application Materials
•Personal Statement
•Resume/Curriculum Vitae
•Transcript(s)/Academic Records
•Letters of Recommendation(2)

About the Foundation(關於基金會): The Getty Foundation (initially called the Getty Grant Program) was established in 1984 in the belief that philanthropy is a key ingredient in carrying out the mission of the J. Paul Getty Trust. The Getty Trust is an international cultural organization that includes the Getty Conservation Institute, Getty Foundation, Getty Research Institute, and J. Paul Getty Museum. Drawing on our unique position as a grant-making entity within the larger Getty Trust, we utilize the expertise of all the Getty programs as well as colleagues in our fields to identify areas where grants can make a difference
蓋蒂基金會通過致力於推動對洛杉磯和全球視覺藝術的更好理解和保護的個人和機構,履行Getty Trust的慈善使命。通過戰略性贈款措施,加強了全球的藝術史,促進保護跨學科實踐,增加對博物館和檔案收藏的訪問能力,並開發了視覺藝術領域的當代和未來領導者。它與其他蓋蒂計劃合作展開工作,以確保其達到最大的效果。
Source: http://www.getty.edu/foundation/initiatives/current/gradinterns/index.html

為了更好地分享優質國際機會,幫助我們繼續前進,請幫我們填寫調查: https://goo.gl/8e6TUc


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