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Studying [國際進修]

[Japan]2018 Study in Okinawa with sponsorship! 2018年沖繩政府大手筆補助你/妳來沖繩留學!

Studying (國際進修)



Enterprise Sponsorship or benefits


Application Deadline


•Okinawa, Japan


Competitive Salary
70,000 yen/month


October 2th, 2017 at 23:59 GMT+9 (Japan time)


Qualification & How to Apply (申請資格及如何申請)
A person who has a nationality of Taiwan and lives in Taiwan (at the time of April 1, 2018) under 35 years of age.

Details (詳細資訊):
Only applicants who have all the qualification conditions of the following items can apply.
1. It is recognized that the mentally and mentally recommended by the nominator is sound and can play a leading role in the region or occupation those who do.
* The nominee has jurisdiction over the applicant at the educational institution and workplace he / she was enrolled until now or before Shall be in position.
2. A person who has completed a 12-year school education in the country of origin or a student with equal or higher level of academic ability persons who have conditions to be allowed to study at university.
3. Person who is under 35 years old as of April 1, 2018 (Traditional technology trainee also under 35 years old)
4. Person who has the ability to understand Japanese necessary for school • technical training (* Japanese Proficiency Test N4 degree or those who meet the criteria accepted by the admission authority). However, those who wish to train companies etc. after graduation from university have the ability of Japanese be sure to have a test N2 level.
5. Person who has the ability to bear the self-payment for necessary expenses beyond the scholarship provided by the foundation.
6. Persons who have relatives who can gain understanding and cooperation in study abroad as an identity guarantor while studying abroad. (Person living in Okinawa Prefecture is preferable.)
7. During the period of study abroad, we work hard to communicate with Okinawa citizens and actively participate in exchange projects implemented by Okinawa Prefecture and Foundation those who can participate in the same way.
8. After returning home, those who can contribute to the exchange between the country of origin and Okinawa prefecture.
Source: https://kokusai.oihf.or.jp/sp/topics/1499152387/


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