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Internship [國際實習]

[China]Shanghai Bank of Communications internship 上海交通銀行實習

Internship (國際實習)



Enterprise Sponsorship or benefits


Application Deadline




Free accommodation and 100 RMB daily subsidy (including the weekend)


July 7th, 2017 at 23:59 GMT+8 (Taiwan time).


Qualification & How to Apply (申請資格及如何申請)
•Undergraduate or Graduate Students (major is not required but those finance related will be considered in top priority) from a university in Taiwan.
• 台灣各大學、研究所在讀學生,科系不限,財經類專業優先。

About the enterprise(關於企業): Bank of Communications was founded in 1908 (Guangxu thirty-four years), is one of China’s four major early banks, but also one of China’s early notes issued. In 1958, in addition to the Hong Kong branch continued to operate, Bank of China domestic services were included in the local People’s Bank of China and Bank of Communications on the basis of the formation of the People’s Construction Bank. In order to meet the requirements of China’s economic reform and development, July 24, 1986, as a pilot for financial reform, the State Council approved the re-establishment of Bank of Communications. April 1, 1987, after the reorganization of the Bank of Communications officially opened to become China’s first national state-owned joint-stock commercial banks, headquartered in Shanghai.

Source: http://www.bankcomm.com.tw/


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