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Career [國際職涯]

[Netherlands]Netherlands Search Year work visa exclusively for alumnus from top 200 universities in the world!荷蘭年度探索工作簽證對世界前200名大學的校友開放中!

Career (國際職涯)



Enterprise Sponsorship or benefits


Application Deadline




In the visa period can work


Qualification & How to Apply (申請資格及如何申請)
• You have obtained a Master’s or PhD degree or have completed a postdoc at any university or any faculty which ranks in the global top 200.
• You must show your basic proficiency in the English language. If your university education was completed in English, then you automatically fulfill this requirement.• Your diploma must be recent (i.e. having been obtained for no longer than three years when you make your application).
• 您已獲得碩士或博士學位,或在任何大學或任何在全球排名前200名的教師完成博士後。
• 你必須表現出你對英語的基本熟練程度。如果你的大學教育是用英語完成的,那麼你自動滿足這個要求。
• 您的文憑必須是最近的(即在您提出申請時不得超過三年)。

About the visa(關於簽證): The Search Year visa is a residence permit that allows Master’s and PhD graduates from universities/subjects/faculties ranked in the global top 200 to live in the Netherlands for 12 months. With a Search Year visa you are allowed to work in the Netherlands, and you can travel throughout the entire Schengen area without the need of a visa. Transitions to other types of residence permits in the Netherlands are made easy for you, if you hold a Search Year visa.

Source: https://www.searchyear.co.uk/


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