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Internship [國際實習]

[Japan] Photojournalist Program 日本攝影記者實習計畫

Internship (國際實習)

Enterprise Sponsorship or benefits
Application Deadline
Japan 日本

transportation/ accommodation


Intern Detail (詳細資訊)

Broaden your horizons by applying for the JapanTravel.com Photojournalist Program.

Each year we take over 30 promising, talented photojournalists and videographers on a 4 week journey in Japan.

We’ll support your accommodation and travel expenses on a trip that will combine the places you want to visit alongside the opportunity to join in exciting cultural projects.

Read on to discover more about the program and good luck with your application!

Gain experience

  • Produce articles, photos or video whilst travelling around Japan.
  • Interact with local people and gain a unique view of Japan.
  • Opportunities to be published in print media.
  • Share your discoveries with thousands of readers.

Immerse yourself in Japanese culture

  • Experience the Japanese way of life.
  • Witness Kyoto’s famous temples and Tokyo’s neon lights.
  • Visit a sake brewery in a rural village, or join agricultural or traditional experiences.

Accommodation and travel support

  • Accommodation support provided – mixture of reimbursement, exclusive rates and occasional hotel coverage.
  • Reimbursement for your in-city travel expenses.
  • Internships generally last 4 weeks.

Promote Japan worldwide

  • Help others around the world discover how amazing Japan is.


More detailed information, please visit:



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