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Conference [國際會議]

2016 ASES Stanford Summit 史丹佛創業家峰會

International Conference (國際會議機會)

Location (地點) Enterprise Sponsorship or benefits (企業贊助或福利) Application Deadline (申請截止時間)
 California, USA

加利福尼亞州, 美國

Awesome Experience


Earlybird Deadline: November 20, 2015

Regular Deadline: January 1, 2016

Summit Detail (詳細資訊)
This isn’t another one of those expensive, snazzy conferences people pay thousands of dollars to attend and be put in nice hotels with classy food and way too much “networking.”

No, this is ASES Summit. We’re here to solve the world’s toughest problems. We promise to push you to work harder than you ever have before, teach you things you never would have encountered, and to break you out of your comfort zone and your current way of thinking. On day one, be prepared to hit the ground running. You’ll form teams and in just seven days, you’ll be expected to solve a wicked problem and pitch your solution to a panel of seasoned Silicon Valley experts. Every day, we’ll have Stanford-led workshops and incredible speakers, designed to create the perfect blend of practical, actionable skills, and advice with mind-blowing, perspective-changing inspiration. By the end of Summit, you’ll be comfortable being uncomfortable, you’ll see the world in a completely different light, and you’ll have formed deep bonds with 34 other of the world’s brightest entrepreneurs. 史丹佛創業家峰會不是另一個貴鬆鬆,“過度”交際的國際會議。ASES匯聚了世界優秀的年輕人,一起頭腦風暴,並試圖解決世界上的困難問題。ASES會有一系列史丹佛式的工作坊和優秀的講師。




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