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Conference [國際會議]

[Japan] Taiwan-Japan Student Conference recruitment 台灣日本學生交流會成員招募

International Conference (國際會議)

Location (地點) Sponsorship or benefits (贊助或福利) Application Deadline (申請截止時間)

Taiwan and Japan


Sponsorship for participating the conference
Sep. 28th, 2015
Opportunity Description (機會介紹)
Taiwan-Japan Student Conference (TJSC) is a NPO organized by students in Taiwan and Japan aims at promoting mutual communications between Taiwanese and Japanese. In Japan, there is also a NPO called Japan-Taiwan Student Conference (JTSC) in collaboration with TJSC. After years of development, TJSC and JTSC have branches in Taipei, Tainan, Tokyo, and Nagoya. Now TJSC is recruiting its 11th staff, please fill the form in which you can download from https://goo.gl/9pddRR and send to info.tjsc@gmail.com before Sep.28th 2015  if you interest in join 11th TJSC.
台灣日本學生交流會是一個由台灣與日本學生共同成立的非營利組織,主旨在於促進台灣與日本之間的雙邊交流。在日本,也有一個非營利組織”日本台灣學生交流會”跟台灣方面保持緊密合作,經過多年發展,台日會和日台會已在台北、東京、台南與名古屋等多個地方設有分支。目前台灣日本學生交流會正在招收第11屆成員,歡迎有興趣加入者在2015年9月28日前填妥申請表(可至https://goo.gl/9pddRR 下載)並寄送至info.tjsc@gmail.com 完成報名。For More details, please click the link below

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