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Conference [國際會議]

[USA]The Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford史丹佛大學中美交流論壇

International Conferences (國際會議機會)

Location (地點) Enterprise Sponsorship or benefits (企業贊助或福利) Application Deadline (申請截止時間)

California, USA


travel expenses and pays for all costs of food, accommodation, transportation during the conference. 來回機票(交通)補助、會議期間全額食宿、交通。 June 20, 2015 10:00pm(U.S. Pacific Daylight Time, PDT)
Qualification & How to Apply (申請資格及如何申請)
  • Age 20-28 at the time of the conference. 年齡20-28歲。
  • Undergraduate Sophomore or above at the time of the conference 大學二年級或以上學歷。
  • Demonstrate strong personal or academic interest in US-China relations 對中美關係有興趣,不論是個人興趣或是學術研究方向。
  • Speak a level of English adequate to participate in interactions and discussions at the conference 英文能力必須達到一般溝通和會議使用之水平。

The Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford (FACES) dedicates to promote dialogue and foster long-lasting relationships among future leaders in US-China affairs. Every year, our two-part conference in the United States and China brings together young leaders and accomplished speakers to discuss the future of the two countries.

史丹佛大學中美交流論壇從2001年開始,致力於透過會議,推動中美青年互相認識與交流,至今已有超過800位優秀校友遍布世界各地。 史丹佛大學中美交流論壇包含兩個部分,秋季時在美國加州、春季時在中國北京分別有為期一周的交流會議。 參與者除了來自中國語美國之外,史丹佛大學中美交流論壇也希望能有更多元的參與者,讓意見更多元、也期望能擦出更耀眼的火花! 詳細的資訊請點:



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