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Internship [國際實習]

[USA]Lonely Planet Writing Course and Trip寂寞星球旅遊文學計畫

International Scholarships (國際獎學金機會)

Location (地點) Enterprise Sponsorship or benefits (企業贊助或福利) Application Deadline (申請截止時間)

San Francisco, USA


Travel writing course, trip expenses, round-trip airfare, travel insurance 旅遊寫作課程、旅遊花費、來回機票、旅遊保險 May 27, 2015
Qualification & How to Apply (申請資格及如何申請)

This opportunity is open to students, emerging and non-professional writers and lovers of travel looking for a career change. 這個計畫是給所有對於旅行有興趣的朋友,沒有申請的國籍限制,但是需要申請者有一定的英文寫作專業,以完成這個旅遊寫手的培訓計畫。

Click on the button in the bottom of this article and followed the process. 詳細申請辦法請按本文張底端”詳細資訊”之按鈕,並依網頁指示完成申請。

Do you dream of hitting the open road and writing about your adventures? We have teamed up with Lonely Planet to bring you our 2015 Travel Writing Scholarship – and this year, we want to send you to the U.S. on your ultimate American summer road trip!

Yes, we said road trip – again! We are looking for three talented aspiring travel writers to write their way across the U.S., Whether you want to explore the Pacific Coast, the deep south, Route 66, the Rocky Mountains, or New England this is your chance to discover the places and personalities that make America the confounding and captivating melting pot that it is.

So, it’s time to stop dreaming, and get writing, because we want to send not one, but three budding travel writers to be mentored by a veteran Lonely Planet author and explore the U.S. on their own terms.

今年夏天,World Namad與寂寞星球(Lonely Planet)合作,舉辦這個旅遊寫手獎學金計畫,不但補助美國公路旅遊費用、來回美國機票,還能與寂寞星球作家John Vlahides見面,在舊金山參與3日的寫作訓練。更詳細的資訊請點:



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